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Kolenchery Church

Standing at the middle of Kolenchery town, St Peter's church was once the biggest church in the entire are around. The yearly church festival is one big event one shouldn't miss out. You can take a stroll around the church which has a peaceful atmosphere for a solotravaller or a travel photographer.


Kadamattom Church

Kadamattom is famous for the legend of a priest known by the name "Kadamattath Katthanaar" who fought against the evil forces. The church here is kadamattom is located in a seriene and higher location. The church is smaller compared to the kolenchery church but the atmosphere here is more spiritual. Don't forget to visit the well. The locals here are friendly and helpful.


Brookside Club

Brooke side lake is a small lake situated around 2 km from Kolenchery town. Its a popular place for evening hangout. It is a vendor free area. Boating and a small park around here.


Ramamangalam river

At times angry, Ramamangalam river is a tributary of river periyaar. Must be careful if you are planning to take dip.


Areeckal Waterfalls

Areekkal Water Falls is a must see beautiful place in Kochi, Its 15 kilometers away from the main city on the Kolenchery.Cascade flowing over rocky shelves on a wooded hillside, with pools for paddling & swimming.